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Living Room

Customize your clean

To fit your needs





Kitchen cleans include:

wipe down outside of cabinets

disinfect surfaces and switches

exterior of appliances

 inside microwave

clean coffee machine tray

 sliding toaster trays

remove trash

scrub sink

I do not wash dishes but if you have a few in the sink and the dishwasher is available I will load them into the dishwasher

 wipe down outside of fridge 

remove cobwebs

stove tops

vacuum and mop


Cozy Bedroom

Bedroom Services include:

dusting - cobweb removal

ceiling fans

empty trash



If you leave clean sheets & pillow cases on your bed

I will change your bedding

I will make beds upon request

I do not offer laundry services at this time

 tidy room


Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom cleans include:

dusting wall hangings - shelves without large collections  baseboards

fold and hang towels


 showers & tubs

sinks & toilets


remove cobwebs

mop floors by hand

wipe down cabinets


remove trash

Living room

Living Room

Livingroom cleans include:

dusting wall hangings - shelves without large collections  baseboards

ceiling fans

remove cobwebs

tidy up

fold throw blankets


mop floors if bare

remove trash

Dinning room

Modern Dining Room

Dining Room cleans include :

wipe down & disinfect furniture

dusting wall hangings shelves without large collections baseboards 

 remove cobwebs

ceiling fan

vacuum - mop

Pet friendly

Have pets? No problem!

I am pet friendly! There are only a few factors I would like you to consider before I come to clean.

1. If your pet has aggressive tendencies.

Safety is a priority for both your pet and I. This is why I ask that pet owners prevent pets with aggressive tendencies access to me while I'm cleaning your home.

2. If your pet is a jumper.

I understand that animals get excited when I walk into homes, that's normal and expected. They often bring me joy! The only time a pet owner may have to consider a plan to secure their pet, is if the pet interferes with me being able to complete my tasks.

3. If your pet is a runner.

I provide my own equipment and carry it in all in one shot. Sometimes when the front door opens a pet may see it as an opportunity to make a mad dash to freedom. I normally do not seem to have an issue with keeping them indoors while I'm entering and exiting your home. But if your pet is prone to be a runner, it may be a factor to consider on how to secure your pet upon my arrival and departure.

4. Pawprints

If you do not want your pet walking on wet floors after I mop you may want to consider how to secure them during your clean.


About me


Quality Cleaning Services

Serving Lower Bucks County

 Hi my name is Leah! I'm currently a solo cleaner that lives here in Lower Bucks County and I am excited to promote healthy homes in our community! I have had experience servicing families from Levittown, Langhorne, Bensalem, and Bristol areas. I have a squeaky clean background and I take pride in being a trust worthy person. I am a hard worker and look forward to meeting your needs!

I provide residential cleanings on a weekly or biweekly schedule at affordable prices!


Payments are due the day of your clean.

I accept the following forms of payment.




Cash app

Online payment

Personal check

Using a Touch Phone


Interested in services?
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